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DACH-Project: Stress coping in insecurely attached children in dependence on the emotional social support by human or dog

(Cooperation of IEMTs Switzerland, Germany and Austria; A. Beetz & H. Julius et al., Rostock; K. Uvnäs-Moberg et al., Stockholm; K. Kotrschal et al. Wien)

Personality components of human-dog relationship

Kotrschal, K., Schöberl, I., Bauer, B., Thibeaut, A.-M. & Wedl, M. (2009): Dyadic relationships and operational performance of male and female owners and their male dogs. Behavioural Processes, 81, 383 - 391.

Wedl, M., Schöberl,...

Social and individual components of animal contact in preschool children

Why some children are more interested in animals than other children- investigated in a kindergarden in Krems, Niederösterreich

Wedl, M. & Kotrschal, K. (2009): Social and individual components of animal contact in preschool...


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